If you’re like millions of people in the U.S., you’re unhappy with your job. You might also be at a loss as to where to go next. Here are a few reasons you should consider a career change as an accountant.
The Pay is Excellent
When looking for a career change, one of the biggest concerns is probably the salary. You will want to know the starting salary and the earning potential as you gain more experience. Straight out of college, most entry level accountants earn around $50,000 annually. After just five years on the job, you can be earning a six figure salary. That’s in addition to the benefits package that many employers add to sweeten the pot.
Will You Be Able to Get a Job?
Along with salary expectations, this is another big concern. While many jobs are being mechanized, accountants will always be in demand. Every business, new and established, needs people who can balance books and track expenses and inventories.
What Industry Can You Choose?
Suppose you’re looking for a way to break into filmmaking or you want to start your own fashion boutique. Whatever industry fascinates you also has a need for accountants. By learning about the financial side of the business, you’ll be training yourself to start your own business. In fact, many accountants eventually start their own businesses down the road.
Will You Enjoy the Work?
Accounting isn’t for everyone. There are long hours at times and it requires spending your days sitting at a desk. If this sounds unappealing to you, maybe this isn’t the right career change. However, if you enjoy working with numbers and don’t mind a stationary position, accounting may be just the change you need.
The Educational Options
Of course, the longer you go to school, the higher your earning potential. That said, you can pursue your CPA certification in grad school or you can get a Master of Accounting degree in just one year. There are also more traditional degree programs. You can attend a brick and mortar college or obtain your degree online. Just as there are many career paths for accountants, there are many ways to get yourself qualified to do the work. It really depends on your other things obligations and how eager you are to start your new career.