Everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes when they are earning an income. Tax revenues are used to provide public education, build infrastructure, and promote many services that are used by the public. However, taxes can be overwhelming at times and it can be disheartening to see how much of an income goes towards taxes. There are a variety of strategies that taxpayers can use to save money as they are filing their taxes. It is best to consult with an accountant prior to embarking on any tax-saving journeys, as accountants can provide the best legal tips for a person to save money based on their individual situation.

Make Donations
Donating is a great service that allows disadvantaged people to receive many things that they may need. Taxpayers who have eligible assets can donate securities to a charity through a fund. Depending on the fund used, the securities will be tax-deductible and will allow for deductions on a person’s adjusted gross income (AGI). The donations will prevent capital gains from being taxed from a person.

Harvest Losses
Realized losses from the sale of the security can be used to offset capital gains made from another investment. Depending on the strategies, larger realized losses can be utilized in future years for tax purposes. A taxpayer will need to match up similar losses and gains to one another to make the deductions eligible for use. Tax-loss harvesting is best used by investors who are already considering selling certain assets in order to make changes to their portfolios.

Max Retirement Plans
Many retirement plans are tax-deferred and don’t require taxpayers to pay taxes on the money in the investment accounts until they are retired. For taxpayers who haven’t added the maximum amounts into their retirement plans, it is best to add more income into the plans to prevent taxation on the funds. Pre-tax contributions through an employer allow a person to decrease the amount of their taxable income while investing money for their future.

Give A Bonus
For taxpayers who own their own businesses, a self-given bonus can allow the owner to increase their employer-side retirement income. The abilities will depend on the type of retirement account that the owner has.